Healthy Spices Video: Longevity Secrets of Spices

Healthy spices… and healthy aging. What’s the connection?

I recently was down in my old “home town” of Silicon Valley to give a talk at the Silicon Valley Health Institute about this very topic. Chaired by Dave Asprey of “Bulletproof Executive” and bulletproof coffee fame, the SVHI hosts speakers that share cutting-edge, life-saving and optimal health-enhancing information.

I’m so excited that the video is now available.


The talk is a significant update to my “Anti-Aging Secrets of Spices” presentation, featuring lots of new research that has recently been published. It’s called The Longevity Science of Spices: Nature’s Designer Drugs for Anti-aging.

Healthy aging is something I’m passionate about, and it’s something I think everyone should understand.

While most of us want to live to a ripe old age, who fancies a future wearing diapers in a wheelchair and drooling on themselves?

I know that’s a harsh statement, but bad things can happen to good people as they get older. As my dearly departed mother-in-law Beatrice used to say, “Getting old is not for sissies.”

She knew a thing or two as she passed away just a few months shy of her 96th birthday.

Anti-aging is also big business in Silicon Valley.

Venture capitalists are pouring billions into highly engineered “solutions” for longevity and life extension. For some, the quest to hack the code of aging glistens like the Holy Grail, with visions of genetic manipulations, lab-grown replacement organs, nanobots roaming inside the body and a full-scale biotech revolution.

In the meantime, other scientists are exploring natural solutions to the ills of aging. Natural compounds in plants are yielding remarkable benefits for maintaining healthy biological functions and protecting your body from the ravishes of aging.

Spices are super-stars on this stage.

You’ll hear all about healthy spices in the video: turmeric, ginger, cinnamon and many more!

Spices and their bioactive compounds have been researched in tens of thousands of scientific studies. While many of these are pre-clinical studies using either animals or isolated cells, there are increasing numbers of human clinical studies using spices.

The studies I find most exciting look at head-to-head comparisons of spice compounds to pharmaceuticals.

Not only do spices have multiple benefits for joint, brain, cardiovascular, digestive, liver and skin health, they are non-toxic, fragrant and tasty too!

Please take a look at the video! Here’s what you’ll learn. And please, leave a comment about your favorite take-away and share the video!

  • The Importance of Understanding Aging
  • Overview of Healthy Spices
  • Evil Twins of Aging; Surprising Benefits of Spices
  • Spices to Help Keep Your Gut/Digestion Healthy
  • Spices to Help Keep Your Heart Healthy
  • Spices to Help Keep Your Brain Healthy
  • Spices to Help Relieve Aching Joints
  • What You Can Do Right Now



Kitty Wells

Award-winning formulator, author and entrepreneur, Kitty Wells left Silicon Valley to follow her passion for botanical medicine and create Spice Pharm. She combines leading-edge science and ancient wisdom to create unique wellness products. She travels the globe studying and speaking on the art and science of spices and plants.

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Darcelle Lindor
Darcelle Lindor

This is a great video! I still can’t shake off the reality of how much we spend on health care. It never dawned on me how everyone’s health effects the over all economy.

Nansee Gingrich

Wonderful presentation of cutting edge health info!! I learned that I likely have insulin resistance because I have all the symptoms. Thank you for your research and encouragement – I can’t wait to incorporate more spice into my diet!

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